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Ralf Rosskamp

Ralf Rosskamp, MD, PhD

Bioblast Pharma Board of Directors Member

Dr. Rosskamp is a pediatric endocrinologist with over 15 years of experience in clinical medicine and almost 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Rosskamp has held positions of increasing responsibility in clinical research and drug development. His current position is the Chief Medical Officer of Summit Therapeutics located in Cambridge, MA. His most recent position was VP Global Clinical Development at NPS Pharma – in 2015 acquired by Shire. He has been responsible for numerous investigational new drug applications, the design and execution of clinical development programs, and new drug applications across multiple therapeutic areas including diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory and orphan drug development. Approved products for which Dr. Rosskamp was involved include Amaryl®, Lantus®, Apidra®, Simcor®, and most recently the FDA authorization of Natpara® for the treatment of a rare endocrine disease called hypoparathyroidism. He has extensive experience with international regulatory authorities, such as US FDA, EU EMA and Japan PMDA, and was a key presenter at the FDA Endocrinologic and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee Meeting on Natpara®.
 Dr. Rosskamp received his MD and PhD from the University of Bonn, Germany.

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