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IV trehalose

Trehalose 90 mg/mL IV solution

Lead drug candidate in Phase 2 clinical development for people living with OPMD or SCA3

Trehalose 90 mg/mL IV solution, a first-in-class and first therapeutic to potentially treat a number of devastating PolyA/PolyQ diseases, is a chemical chaperone that protects against pathological processes in cells.

Widely known to act as a protein stabilizer and autophagy enhancer, trehalose 90 mg/mL IV solution has been shown to reduce pathological aggregation of proteins within cells in several diseases associated with abnormal cellular-protein aggregation as well as acting as an autophagy enhancer. Trehalose 90 mg/mL IV solution has been documented as demonstrating significant promise in preclinical animal models of OPMD; spinocerebellar ataxia, type 3 (SCA3); and other PolyA/PolyQ diseases.

Trehalose 90 mg/mL IV solution has received orphan drug designation for OPMD and SCA3 in the US and EU and has been designated Fast Track for OPMD in the US.

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