Silvitra (Sildenafil 100mg with Vardenafil 20mg): Characteristics, Advantages, Application

Silvitra is a medication allowing men to enhance male potency. It is designed for men suffering from erection problems and decrease of sexual activity. While taking Silvitra, a man may maintain fulfilling sexual life and return sense of self-worth. The main benefit of Silvitra is that it combines two active components, sildenafil and vardenafil due to which the effect of pills exceeds all male and even female expectations.

Characteristics of Silvitra

In search of strong stimulator for potency boost, men should pay attention to Silvitra which includes two active substances: sildenafil (being a part of Viagra) and vardenafil (being a part of Levitra). This unique formula allows solving problems concerning erectile dysfunction, acquiring self-confidence and getting rid of possible failures in bed.

Silvitra advantage lies in its soft action and possibility to avoid impotency of various degrees of severity. Silvitra pills for peroral application do not build up addiction and do not cause adverse influence on organism and functioning of inner organs. The effect is observed in 30-40 minutes after the intake and lasts ten hours. One tablet of Silvitra contains daily dosage of active substances but the initial administration implies division of a tablet into two. In case of absence of desired effect, the dosage may be enhanced but not exceed the norm (1 pill per day).

Silvitra acts the same way as other PDE5 inhibitors containing sildenafil and vardenafil: it increases blood circulation in pelvic organs, stimulates production of sexual hormones, relaxes blood vessels of penis due to which a natural and steady erection occurs.


Thanks to the medication’s ingredients, it has a number of advantages, such as:

  • Fast action which may be experiences in 25 minutes after administration and is preserved during ten hours;
  • Minimal quantity of contraindications and side-effects;
  • High result after the intake allowing a man to cope with decrease of erectile functioning of diverse severity levels;
  • Restores male organism after sexual intercourse promptly;
  • Provides the possibility to have several coituses during the whole action of Silvitra;
  • Affordable price.

Posology and Administration

A pill should be taken 30-40 minutes prior to sexual activity. The effect lasts eight-ten hours. It should be mentioned that alcoholic beverages and fatty food decrease the efficiency by several times resulting in prolongation of time before erection occurrence. Account must be taken of maximally recommended daily dosage of sildenafil and vardenafil; therefore, a tablet may be divided into several parts which is not difficult due to divisionary marks depicted on the tablet.

To sum up:

  • Silvitra contains 120mg of active substances;
  • Active substances: sildenafil 100mg and vardenafil 20mg in different dosages;
  • Time of performance – 10 hours;
  • Onset time – within 20 minutes.

Thus, medicinal product Silvitra is a perfect combination of Levitra and Viagra. One tablet of Silvitra (containing 100mg of Viagra and 20mg of Levitra) has in total 120 mg of active substances. These two substances functioning together block the whole variety of chemical processes working directly in the area of penis. Due to such influence of human organism, considerable impact and relief of blood supply to sexual organs occurs. This condition results in 100% excitement of penis.

One of most important benefits of Silvitra is its smooth effect along with strong enhancement of male potency. It is worth mentioning that Silvitra is able to work only in case of sexual arousal. Another thing – after successfully performed sexual intercourse, medications stops its action and erection ends its effect. Penis acquires its initial state of relaxed condition.

It is important to note that any issues regarding natural male erection may take the strongest influence not only on male health, but also on his psychological state. In order to decide such problems, the most optimal method will be either Viagra or Levitra, or Silvitra where Silvitra is much better.

Pharmacological Action of Silvitra

As mentioned before, each Silvitra tablet contains 100mg of sildenafil and 20mg of vardenafil. Regardless of the cause of sexual frustration, sildenafil helps to achieve fully-realized sexual arousal. Vardenafil is promptly dissolved in blood and distributed throughout organism.

Indication to Application

Silvitra is prescribed for therapy of erectile dysfunction and improving quality of sexual life. Due to two active substances which increase blood supply to penis, Silvitra allows a man to cope with male problems caused by psychological factors, stresses and overfatigue, impairment in endocrine profile, and vascular disorders.

Contraindications of Silvitra

  • Co-administration with nitrates or nitrogen oxide donors;
  • Combination with moderately active or strong CYP3 A4 inhibitors, such as ketoconazole, itraconazole, ritonavir, indinavir, erythromycin, and clarithromycin;
  • Increased sensitivity to Silvitra ingredients;
  • The medication is not to be used by children and teenagers under 18 years of age;
  • Intolerance to fructose (contains glucitol);

Silvitra safety was not studied, so until corresponding data are not received, its application is not recommended by patients suffering from the following conditions:

  • Severe hepatic impairments;
  • Renal failure at terminal stage requiring hemodialysis;
  • Arterial hypotension (systolic arterial blood pressure at rest is less than mm Hg);
  • Apoplectic attack or acute myocardial infarction within the last six months;
  • Unstable cardiac angina;
  • Hereditary degenerative diseases or eye retina, such as pigmented retinitis.

Safety Note

Silvitra should be taken with caution in the following cases:

  • Anatomic deformation of sexual organ:
  • Angulation
  • Cavernous fibrosis
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Diseases predisposing to priapism:
  • Sickle-cell disease
  • Erythroid myeloma
  • Leukemia
  • Patients with liability to bleeding with aggravation of peptic ulcer. Silvitra should be prescribed only after assessment of benefit-risk profile.

Before taking of remedies for ED treatment, a doctor must estimate condition of cardio-vascular system, since there is a risk for complications development in heart during sexual activity. Silvitra has vasodilatory characteristics accompanied by moderate decrease of arterial blood pressure. Patients suffering from obstruction of outflow tract from left ventricle (such as aortic stenosis or idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis) may be sensitive to vasodilator action including PDE5 inhibitors. Men who are contraindicative to have sex due to concomitant cardio-vascular diseases, medicines for ED are not to be administered.

Administration during Pregnancy and Lactation

Silvitra is not to be administered by women, children and newly-born babies.

Co-Administration with Other Drugs

  • Simultaneous intake with medications prolonging QT interval leads to summation of effects on duration of QT interval in comparison with the intake of each of the drugs separately. This should be taken into account in case of simultaneous administration of Silvitra by patients with prolongation of QT interval in anamnesis and patients who take medicines prolonging QT interval. Thus, patients with congenital prolongation of QT interval and patients using drugs of 1A class (quinidine and procainamide) or 3 class (amiodarone and sotalol) must refuse taking Silvitra.
  • Administration of Silvitra with other ED boosting remedies was not examined. Thus, their combination is prohibited. Usage of Silvitra along with other PDE5 inhibitors may cause transient vision loss and non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy. In case of sudden loss of vision, Silvitra administration must be immediately stopped, and consultation by a specialist is required.
  • Combined therapy of alpha adrenoceptor antagonists with Silvitra may be accompanied by development of arterial hypotension and corresponding clinical performance, since these medicines have vasodilating effect. Co-administration of Silvitra with alpha adrenoceptor antagonists is admissible only in case of stage arterial blood pressure indexes on the setting of alpha adrenoceptor antagonists intake and the least dose of Silvitra.