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Patient advocacy

Patient Advocacy

Connecting patients with SCA3 with the support they need

Patient Support

  • Living With Ataxia »

    An online community for people living with ataxia that helps connect and provide support to individuals affected by this rare disease.

  • Ben’s Friends »

    An organization that helps connect people with rare diseases and chronic conditions through a network of patient communities.

  • National Ataxia Foundation »

    A foundation dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by ataxia through support, education, and research.

  • Genetics Home Reference (NIH) »

    An online resource that offers disease-related information to help patients and their families better understand the rare genetic disease that is affecting their lives.

  • Orphanet »

    An online reference portal for information on rare disorders and orphan drugs, providing services, data, and more to help improve diagnosis, care, and treatment.

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