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Canadian Drugstore represents a reputable company specializing in the researches of biotechnologies as well as development of clinically approved treatment solutions for patients suffering from diversified genetic diseases. Established back in 2012, continuously puts efforts to develop an assorted portfolio of online pharmacy medications and solutions, which are able to deal with rare diseases without an approved cure. Our company has already managed to produce specific therapeutic methods aiming towards development of knowledge related to pathogenic processes as well ED diseases. Likewise, Canadian pharmacy makes sure that the produced medications are able to cure specific diseases containing the same type of pathogens.

Our Products and Specialisation

Besides that, there are continuous researches ongoing together with our partners with regards to ED (Erectile Dysfunction) treatment in order to assist millions of men around the globe, who suffer from this health condition. Moreover, there are several partnerships being established with leading distributors of ED drugs, and you can check out all the special offers at their online drugstores, as well as purchase Cialis and/or Generic Viagra at affordable price.

Our team of specialists is continuously working on developing treatments for patients who have rare diseases as well. As result, three major platforms have been developed to address rare diseases issue and they include: BBrm (provision of means to read through genetic deficits or termination codons), efficient protein production and Cabaletta (aims to stabilize mutating protein during Phase Two). BBrm includes major medications that come in the form of introducing azithromycin intrathecally to deal with atrophies occurring around spinal muscles. In addition, replacement of protein in mitochondria can also be achieved with help of our medications.

Back in 2018, new solutions were introduced that in combination with trehalose could cure tabes spinalis as well as oculopharyngeal dystrophy. Since foundation, Canadian drugstore remains a key player in main medical innovations via provision of diversified fit-for-purpose solutions to cure various sicknesses and health conditions with similar biological pathologies. Nevertheless, we still maintain a focused approach towards provision of exclusive services to all our clients, while maintaining high quality of products.