Mission and Values

Bioblast Pharma brings together 15,000 researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff, with a common objective: to improve the health of all through the progress of knowledge about living organisms and diseases, innovation in treatments and research in public health.

Improve human health

Since its creation, Bioblast Pharma has been a player in major medical advances: various solutions for several diseases that share the same biological pathology, including alternative therapeutic uses of our lead drug candidate, trehalose 90mg/mL IV solution.

This mission is based on the work of thematic institutes, the role of which is to carry out the inventory of research in their field and to lead this research. Bioblast Pharma is distinguished not only by the scientific excellence of its teams, but also by its ability to provide translational research, from the research laboratory to the patient’s bed.

Today, Bioblast Pharma is the 1st academic research institution in the biomedical field, with nearly 13 000 publications per year, and 2nd worldwide. Bioblast Pharma is also the 9th most innovative public research organization in the world.

Play a major role in the coordination of health research

Bioblast Pharma has always worked in close partnership with hospitals, universities and other public establishments. Most of its research structures are mixed, located as close as possible to places of care and teaching. These partnerships are a guarantee of success, by pooling skills, attracting talent and being close to patients.

Pioneer of ethics

Discoveries in health and their applications raise many questions relating to respect for living things and ethics. The Bioblast Pharma Ethics Committee is a full player in the dialogue between the scientific community and society. It provides support to the staff of institutes to identify and integrate ethical issues from the design of their projects.

Health expert

Faced with rapid changes in public health issues, Bioblast Pharma is developing and producing its collective expertise. Driven by referral from the public authorities or self-referral, this work provides public authorities and elected officials with valuable decision support on sensitive issues: asbestos, lead, children’s biological rhythms, disabilities.

With and for the sick

There is an action programs between Bioblast Pharma and more than 500 patient associations, disabled people and their families. They are places of dialogue, reflection and proposal. Very active, associations play a decisive role in health and scientific democracy. They participate in the organization and even the funding of research.

The dissemination of knowledge

Bioblast Pharma helps promote the work and results of its researchers. At national or local level, it invests in scientific culture and the dissemination of knowledge. Open days in laboratories, conferences, theatrical creations and exhibitions: throughout the year, Bioblast Pharma and its researchers come to meet citizens.