About Our Company

Bioblast Pharma is an official trader dealing with the development of biotechnologies and creation of clinically significant therapeutic means for people suffering from the rarest genetic diseases.

We have developed special therapeutical solutions/platforms that are aimed at in-depth knowledge of pathogenic processes concerning living organisms and ED diseases. Bioblast Pharma provides you with the remedies for particular illnesses involving the same pathogens.

Taking into account the concern of modern sciences and health professionals in regards to alternatively used our leading drug candidate, trehalose, 90mg/ml 4. We took a decision to put aside our works regarding other medical solutions and focus all our attention on trehalose studies.

Bioblast Pharma’s lead group is highly proficient in elaboration and implementation of medicinal products.

We are working on treatments for people suffering from the rarest diseases. There are three exclusive platforms, including BBrm enabling reading through genetic deficiencies (or termination codons) that get mixed with sound protein production and Cabaletta – a solution for stabilization of mutating protein in Phase Two.

As for BBrm, it involves a leading drug candidate in the form of intrathecal introduction of azithromycin for spinal muscular atrophies. There is also a solution for replacement pf protein in mitochondria. In 2018, we have developed solutions with trehalose that can be used for treatment of 2 illnesses: oculopharyngeal dystrophy and tabes spinalis.