At Bioblast Pharma, we develop innovative treatment of organ failure associated with Sepsis and COVID-19, prevention of post-bone marrow transplantations (BMT) complications and solid tumor ‘immune checkpoint’ microenvironment modulation with added value, which is the result of our intellectual activity and has ensured market excellence for many years. All of our medicines meet high quality standards, are highly effective and safe. Our products are sold under our own brands.

Research and development play an important role in strengthening and developing our position as one of the largest pharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers in the world.

The main objectives of Bioblast Pharma in the field of research and development of drugs are to improve the technologies for the production of pharmaceutical substances and dosage forms, as well as to conduct all types of research required to obtain registration certificates for prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs. We are increasing our human resources and, in addition, acquiring new space and equipment.

The activities of the holding company Bioblast Pharma and its subsidiaries are coordinated within the Bioblast Pharma group of companies. This process takes into account the entire portfolio of companies and the specifics of the individual markets in which each of the divisions operates, as well as the opening of new sales opportunities for them.

Thanks to our research and development teams, the company’s portfolio is regularly supplemented with new solutions. New medicines are made from known active substances using modern methods, the latest technological procedures and innovative solutions. Drugs produced by us usually contain components obtained in the course of biosynthetic and chemical synthesis processes at our own enterprises. This is due to the fact that we are clearly focused on investments in research, improvement of equipment, drug development and expansion of production capacity.

Effective drug registration work requires the use of a selection of optimal solutions, in accordance with national and international laws. It is very important to build on past experience in preparing the registration of a drug. In addition, we are involved in all stages of drug registration at the national level. Effective drug development and preparation of registration documents for new products is one of the main components that allow us to ensure a sufficient number of new drug registrations in the future. The result of a creative and innovative approach, and above all the company’s intensive development and research, is the receipt of registration certificates for a large number of new products.

The R&D department of Bioblast Pharma has the infrastructure required for the development of active substances, which is one of their important characteristics. We opened new laboratories for research in the field of chemistry, which became the basis for work in the field of synthesis and analysis of substances, which is an integral part of the entire product development process, from the theoretical study of chemical synthesis to the introduction of new synthesis technologies in production processes.

At Bioblast Pharma, we respect the intellectual property of others and protect ours. We file patent applications to protect our work in key areas. The company brings products to the market under their own brands, which increases their added value.