Neosporin Ophthalmic Solution for Superficial eye infections

  • Type of Drug: Ophthalmic-antibiotic combination.
  • Prescribed for: Superficial eye infections.
  • Other Brand Names: AK-Spore Solution.

General Information of Neosporin

Neosporin Ophthalmic Solution is a combination of antibiotics that are effective against the most common eye infections. It is most useful when the infecting organism is one known to be sensitive to one of the 3 antibiotics contained in Neosporin Ophthalmic Solution. It may also be useful when the infecting organism is not known because of the drug’s broad range of coverage.

Prolonged use of any antibiotic product in the eye should be avoided because of the possibility of developing sensitivity to the antibiotic. Frequent or prolonged use of antibiotics in the eye may result in the growth of other organisms, such as fungi. If the infection does not clear up within a few days, contact your doctor.

Neosporin (or its generic equivalent) is also available as an eye ointment with a minor formula change (Bacitracin is substituted for Gramicidin). Both the eyedrops and eye ointment are used for the same kinds of eye infections.

Cautions and Warnings

Do not use Neosporin Ophthalmic Solution if you are allergic or sensitive to it or any of its ingredients.

Possible Side Effects of Neosporin

  • Less common: occasional eye irritation, itching, or burning.

Drug and Food Interactions

None known.

Neosporin Usual Dose

1 to 2 drops in the affected eye(s) 2 to 4 times per day; more frequently if the infection is severe.


The amount of medicine contained in each bottle of Neosporin Ophthalmic Solution is too small to cause serious problems. Call your doctor, hospital emergency room, or local poison control center for more information.

Neosporin Special Information

To administer the eyedrops, lie down or tilt your head backward and look at the ceiling. Hold the dropper above your eye and drop the medicine inside your lower lid while looking up. To prevent possible infection, don’t allow the dropper to touch your fingers, eyelids, or any surface. Release the lower lid and keep your eye open. Don’t blink for about 30 seconds. Press gently on the bridge of your nose at the inside comer of your eye for about 1 minute. This will help circulate the medicine around your eye. Wait at least 5 minutes before using any other eyedrops.

Call your doctor if the itching or burning does not go away after a few minutes, or if redness, irritation, swelling, visual disturbance or loss, or eye pain persists.

In general, you should not wear contact lenses if you have an eye infection, but your doctor may determine that the use of lenses is acceptable in your situation.

If you forget to take a dose of Neosporin, take it as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for your next dose, skip the forgotten dose and continue with your regular schedule. Do not take a double dose.

Special Populations of Neosporin

This drug has been found to be safe for use during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Remember to check with your doctor before taking any drug if you are pregnant.

Seniors may take this drug without special restriction.