Are you officially diagnosed with erectile dysfunction? If yes, you probably seek the best option to treat it, otherwise, your doctor prescribed you Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. These medications are golden pharmaceutical standards if speaking of the best drugs for ED. But, their prices are not always so appetizing, especially, if you come across brand ones. What should you do? Looking for generics or learning your insurance benefits?

ED Pills Marketed Prices

Let’s understand a clear barrier that deprives many men of buying ED pills. If you visit the official website of Pfizer, it reports that Viagra costs around $61 for 50/100mg pill. Meanwhile, Cialis (Tadalafil) will make you poorer by $10 approximately. And, their alternative Levitra costs like $13. It seems quite huge, and strange as ED is a very common problem in men, and they need a prompt solution.


However, to facilitate the purchases in a monetary sense for all people, the pharmaceutical market perfectly accommodates the production of generics, and distribute them in both offline and online stores. In fact, Generic Viagra and Cialis can be found at $0,50-$2 per pill if surfing through Canadian neighbor pharmacy. If sticking to to your local pharmacy, double or triple that price can apply.

Note, Viagra is an on-demand drug that should not be regularly taken like any other medication. For example, if one has asthma attacks, it is pretty normal to buy a supply of inhaling medications for months or years. While ED pills fit exclusive situations when a man wants to have sexual contact but he understands his natural erection won’t be enough for satisfaction. So, depending on the number of sexual intercourses you have on average, you may be prescribed with a number of ED pills. To save money, men can also turn to professional versions of these medications. Cialis Black can provide one with up to 48 hours effect. So, there is already no need to buy two pills for two days.

Still, if you want to spend no money, check what your insurance plan saved for you.

Insurance Plans: Can They Cover Erectile Dysfunction Pills?

With the development of the pharmaceutical market, patients who were not eligible for coverage of these brand drugs before may hope for coverage of generics.

However, according to PART D coverage, people cannot use their insurance plan for any of the sex medications. It has no explanation, but the FDA does not think such drugs should be covered. For many people, such a situation seems frustrating but there is a way to have at least partial coverage. First off, a man should have an exclusive situation when ED pills are the only suitable treatment for his health conditions. A doctor should prove it and provide enough evidence it is true, and you are not responding to other therapies. But, still, the FDA will approve it but for non-sexual problems. It can be used for pulmonary hypertension or benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Women face the same problems. For example, those who reach menopause may usually experience vaginal dryness that prevents them from having qualitative sexual contact. In this case, a doctor will prescribe topical creams or hormonal rings to elevate estrogen levels. Still, the FDA won’t allow cover it with insurance plans.

Note, if following the governmental logic, in particular, departments that in charge of Population Health, sexual problems are lifestyle issues only. For them, they have nothing in common with those conditions that should be considered medically necessary to treat.

You may try your luck, and ask your insurance provider, but 90% out of 100%, ED pills won’t be covered. It for sure concerns Medicare and Medicaid. However, with Tricare, you may check for coverage, as they have some limitations regarding PDE5 inhibitors but they definitely do not say a complete NO to coverage. Besides, other plans may offer copays but if Viagra or Cialis is necessary for benign prostatic hyperplasia and pulmonary hypertension.

What to Do with Pricey Options without Insurance?

Above all, you do not have to write it off as lost and leave behind your sexual issues. Many men who saw the prices for brand ED pills for the first time, did not even think about cheaper alternatives and gave up on treatment.

Yes, they may still cost you some money if you need their big supply but at least, it is a clear opportunity to provide your partner with a steady erection. Speak to your doctor what is the cheapest generic, and learn whether it fits your health condition. Otherwise, azddress him a drug you expect to use further on. If he approves it, you can start saving money without neglecting your sexual problem.

Another option is to subscribe to websites that provide coupons or discounts. With such discounts, Sildenafil which costs like $200 for a package, may result in $13. Otherwise, look for a coupon with other pharma sources. You can use it in many retail pharmacies such as Walmart.

So, first, learn your benefits with your insurance provider. Based on the received information, seek alternative ways of saving on ED pills. Today, they are affordable and can fit people with any paying capacity.